Current Obsessions – spikes and glitter

Day 3 of #blogjune … not finding it as hard as anticipated, I’m basically just typing whatever is in my head and today that is my current obsession, these shoes:



Purchased on sale (yes!) with the intention of getting me to the gym more (ha!) I am a little bit obsessed with these. Sneakers are not usually my thing at all (I’m definitely a Doc Martens kind of gal), but I had to have these. And like I said, cool sneakers might make me go to the gym more often. Right?

Although the whole spikes thing has been ‘trendy’ for a while, I had managed to resist up until now… I’ve been wearing spikes since before they were ‘cool’ and was expecting the fashion kids to abandon spikes for the next ‘hot’ thing… but at the moment the spike bandwagon is rolling on, now accompanied by by other 90’s favourite – glitter! Who am I to resist?!?

Anyway, comfortable and cool sneakers. Will keep you all posted about whether that equals gym success!