Quest for the perfect Vego sausage roll

Upon my almost daily visit to the supermarket yesterday, I was delighted to see that Woolworth’s are branching out their range of vegetarian frozen goods. I was particularly excited to see the appearance of the Linda McCartney range, which I had always been quite keen to try. First off the blocks and into the trolley were the vego sausage rolls – I have a longstanding quest to find the ‘perfect’ faux sausage roll 🙂



Now I know that faux-meat products aren’t for everyone, and that there is debate about the necessity of these products, and whether they make the statement that a vegetarian diet is inadequate. I would never tell anyone else what to do with their lives, or eating preferences. For me, these kinds of meat substitutes serve a purpose (i.e.: nostalgia – I used to love sausages rolls as a meat eater) – and if it serves to have people re think eating meat, or even eating a little less, I think they have a place *gets off soap box*

So anyway – I have tried a number of vegetarian sausage rolls, always in the quest for something that tastes like (my memory of) the ‘real thing’. These ones came close. The Linda McCartney rolls have the added bonus of being vegan, unlike the front runners in my books, the Quorn brand sausage rolls.  The pastry was great, not too thick, and melt in your mouth buttery style consistency – next time I plan to cook them a little longer so they get a really crispy pastry going on. They weren’t too greasy either, which can sometimes be a turn off. The filling was tasty, and certainly had the ‘sausage-y’ flavour going on. All in all, I think these made a nice winter weekend treat (we had them as an entree), and would give them an 8.5 out of 10 – definitely a respectable score. The quest continues….


Current obsessions – vegie burgers

I might be a little late getting on the ‘food truck’ bandwagon, but now I am on nothing can stop me.

See, my current obsession is vegie burgers, and it all started after my pursuit of the Vegie Patch van. For the last few weeks it had been at Reverse Garbage on a Tuesday, and I had made plans to meet a friend there for a study break. So the plan was in place for a lovely, sunny winters day. All was going well until we rocked up at Reverse, and no van. But we were not to be deterred! After asking, we found out it was down at Sydney Uni, and so off we went…



It was definitely worth the drive. I had the hot tip from a friend at Reverse that the zucchini burger was ‘mindblowing’. How can you go past that recommendation? Study makes the body crave carbs (so I believe 🙂 so I also ‘needed’ a serve of the sweet potato chips, and a homemade lemonade. Unfortunately most of the lemonade was lost to the slanting turf, but the small amount I tasted was great, with the classic tart flavour. And check this out for a burger:


Just thinking about this is making my mouth water… along with memories of the basil-mayo sauce on the sweet potato chips *cue Homer Simpson drooling sound*



Maybe a little expensive at nearly $20 all up, but as a treat this was totally worth it. The food, great company and inspiring, learned surroundings of Sydney Uni helped get more work done when I dragged myself home, so I definitely can’t complain! As soon as this rain clears, I plan to do it again 🙂





Sydney Adventures – Supanova Pop culture Festival

This past weekend marked one of my favourite events of the year – Supanova!!

For those of you who haven’t attended, Supanova is Australia’s pop culture festival/expo… basically where a whole bunch of fans get together and dress up, meet guest celebrities, buy collectables and have a whole heap of fun!  I love it because it incorporates several of my obsessions – dressing up and costumes, makeup, fandom and collectables.

As in previous years, I was attending to help my wonderful friend Emma, owner of The Makeup Wardrobe

This has its perks, as she is in the business of making people look good (and paying me in makeup 🙂 Check out some of her creations this year:

'Twilight Sparkle'

‘Twilight Sparkle’

'Lady Wolverine'

‘Lady Wolverine’

'Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas'

‘Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Emma at work on 'Rainbow Dash'

Emma at work on ‘Rainbow Dash’

The big draw cards this year were David Hasselhoff and Carrie Fisher, so it was a really well attended event, the first day in particular was absolutely crazy busy! As I was a worker I didn’t go in for signings or photos, but was more than content to check out, what is IMHO the best part of the event – other people’s costumes! Here are some faves:

'Lady Joker'

‘Lady Joker’


I take my hat off to the effort put into the outfits – it is really mind blowing, and warms my heart that I am not the only one who loves dress ups!

A quick wander around the stalls on the afternoon of Day 1 also led to the discovery of ‘I Heart Guts’ – – a stall of plush body organs, t-shirts and other novelties (this is much more fabulous than it sounds!) – here are some items I couldn’t resist:


Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Overall, a hilarious weekend full of lots of eye candy, ideas and enthusiasm for all manner of nerdly (and I mean this with the utmost fondness!) pursuits. A fantastic way to spend a rotten, cold rainy weekend.

Bring on the next festival!

Sydney adventures – Centennial Park

I’m not usually one for travelling to the Eastern suburbs much. Or the Northern suburbs. Ok, let’s face it, I’m happiest in the Inner West.

But occasionally I do feel inspired to go East (I am very partial to a swim at Clovelly Beach; and a falafel wrap in Bondi Junction) and today we ended up at Centennial Park. Being the last day of Mr M’s holidays, we decided to take the dogs on a little ‘outing’ and ended up roaming around the parklands for a few hours. It was truly a delightful way to spend a few hours on a mild winter’s day!


I only had time to take a few photos of the trees – the dogs were so excited about the bountiful amounts of kids, other dogs and horses that they were nearly tearing my arms off, lol.

One hot chocolate and a damn fine brownie (possibly the most expensive in Sydney, but no matter ) eaten under the tree below makes me one happy camper!


Current Obsessions – spikes and glitter

Day 3 of #blogjune … not finding it as hard as anticipated, I’m basically just typing whatever is in my head and today that is my current obsession, these shoes:



Purchased on sale (yes!) with the intention of getting me to the gym more (ha!) I am a little bit obsessed with these. Sneakers are not usually my thing at all (I’m definitely a Doc Martens kind of gal), but I had to have these. And like I said, cool sneakers might make me go to the gym more often. Right?

Although the whole spikes thing has been ‘trendy’ for a while, I had managed to resist up until now… I’ve been wearing spikes since before they were ‘cool’ and was expecting the fashion kids to abandon spikes for the next ‘hot’ thing… but at the moment the spike bandwagon is rolling on, now accompanied by by other 90’s favourite – glitter! Who am I to resist?!?

Anyway, comfortable and cool sneakers. Will keep you all posted about whether that equals gym success!


Film Review – Behind the Candelabra

Given that winter appears to have set in on exactly Day 1 of winter, last night seemed like a perfect time to get started on one of the many films I have ready and waiting, starting with Behind the Candelabra.


Behind the Candelabra is Steven Soderbergh’s a Liberace biopic, based on the book of the same name by his former live in lover Scott Thorson. I have been interested in seeing this film for quite some time, as there has been plenty of chatter about it on various entertainment programs, particularly as it stars Michael Douglas as Liberace, and Matt Damon as his lover Scott.

In the U.S. this film has already had its fair share of drama, as none of the main studios would put up funding for the film, labelling it ‘too gay’. Personally I think there is some sort of irony that a film about a man who was believed to be straight almost until his death is considered ‘too gay’ for major movie studios. Within the film itself there is a fabulous scene in which Douglas as Liberace advises a group of young entertainers to avoid getting caught up in politics and just entertain…a veiled political statement perhaps? The film does takes Liberace’s advise to ‘just entertain’, and after seeing it, I really don’t understand the reaction about being ‘too gay’ (whatever that is) – for a film about the relationship between these two men, the amount of sex scenes was fairly minimal, and certainly not in the least bit graphic, but hey, what do I know?

Anyway, thankfully HBO came to the rescue and the film (now a tele movie?) was screened in the U.S last week, to largely positive reviews. Apparently we in Australia will be lucky enough to gain a theatrical release, around July according to various websites.

I found this film really enjoyable for several reasons, not least of which the fact that it could have gone too over the top into the realm of camp (after all it wouldn’t be Liberace without capes and rhinestones galore) and made the storyline secondary. Instead, what really impresses are the nuanced performances of Douglas and Damon; at several points there was a real tenderness expressed which was unexpected.



The support cast were also outstanding – a special word on the makeup effects, which made Damon and Rob Lowe almost unrecognisable by the end of the film, emphasising the ravages of drugs and ‘The California Diet’.



Overall, this is definitely one I can recommend, and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen in Sydney.

Here are some links for further info: