Sydney Adventures – SUFF launch, ‘The Room’ screening and more vegie burgers

Cult movies are a big love of mine, especially those with audience participation. Almost everyone has had the ubiquitous Rocky Horror Show experience, complete with dressing up, singing the songs, and yelling at the screen.

Last night I was super excited to be attending the launch of the 2013 SUFF (Sydney Underground Film Festival) program, complete with FREE pizza, drink AND screening of The Room, which is turning 10 this year. For reasons unclear even to me, I am a huge fan of this film.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, this film is almost indescribable – overwrought, tragic melodrama is probably the best I can do. It must be seen to be believed. A film that cost $6 million to produce, but looks like it should have been made for $2.50. A lead man so repulsive the budget was probably blown on the lead actress’ (and I use the term ‘actress’ loosely) salary, to convince her to shoot the frequent, repulsive love scenes.  A ‘narrative’ which is so non sensical that audiences members are frequently heard to yell ‘Who the f*!k are you?’ to previously unseen characters. Set decorations which have led to audience members bringing their own plastic cutlery to screenings. Not to mention the game of football, whilst wearing tuxedos.

If these teasers haven’t tempted you to seek out the film, the audience participation might. Like The Rocky Horror Show, the films’ perceived deficiencies have led to ‘call and response’ amongst the audience, where, when a certain line or action occurs onscreen, the audience responds in kind. Thus the plastic cutlery.

As the audience consisted of supporters of SUFF and a number of repeat viewers, this was a particularly rambunctious, and thus, extremely enjoyable performance/screening. Prior to the screening, a preview of the 2013 SUFF program was shown, and there is a number of really great features that I look forward to seeing there – I’d encourage you to check it out!


The aftermath of 'The Room' screening

The aftermath of ‘The Room’ screening

All of the melodrama, yelling and laughter made myself and Mr A. hungry for a late dinner. We ended up at Grill’d World Square, which was one of the limited late night options on a school night.

Grill'd World Square - very keen on the industrial decor!

Grill’d World Square – very keen on the industrial decor!

But hey! This gave me the opportunity to indulge my on going obsession with vegie burgers. And I had quite a good one the ‘Garden Goodness’ burger, a mixed veg pattie on a really delicious, super fresh bun with some quality condiments, like a avocado/basil-y sauce, and crisp salad. Although on this occasion I think Mr A.’s choice was superior – the ‘Field of Dreams’ burger. It’s hard to go past a giant mushroom on a burger. I’d rate it a 7/10 (a bit expensive, and does not come with chips, they have to be bought separately). The chips were pretty awesome though, chunky with herb mix? Tick.

Grill'd Garden Goodness burger and chips = top late night eating

Grill’d Garden Goodness burger and chips = top late night eating – loved the red tin jug too!

All in all, a really enjoyable night out, especially for a Wednesday (school night!). Also appreciated the lights decorating the concrete courtyard at World Square on the walk to the station.

Blurry 'art-sy' pic of the lights at World Square

Blurry ‘art-sy’ pic of the lights at World Square



Sydney Adventures – Supanova Pop culture Festival

This past weekend marked one of my favourite events of the year – Supanova!!

For those of you who haven’t attended, Supanova is Australia’s pop culture festival/expo… basically where a whole bunch of fans get together and dress up, meet guest celebrities, buy collectables and have a whole heap of fun!  I love it because it incorporates several of my obsessions – dressing up and costumes, makeup, fandom and collectables.

As in previous years, I was attending to help my wonderful friend Emma, owner of The Makeup Wardrobe

This has its perks, as she is in the business of making people look good (and paying me in makeup 🙂 Check out some of her creations this year:

'Twilight Sparkle'

‘Twilight Sparkle’

'Lady Wolverine'

‘Lady Wolverine’

'Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas'

‘Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Emma at work on 'Rainbow Dash'

Emma at work on ‘Rainbow Dash’

The big draw cards this year were David Hasselhoff and Carrie Fisher, so it was a really well attended event, the first day in particular was absolutely crazy busy! As I was a worker I didn’t go in for signings or photos, but was more than content to check out, what is IMHO the best part of the event – other people’s costumes! Here are some faves:

'Lady Joker'

‘Lady Joker’


I take my hat off to the effort put into the outfits – it is really mind blowing, and warms my heart that I am not the only one who loves dress ups!

A quick wander around the stalls on the afternoon of Day 1 also led to the discovery of ‘I Heart Guts’ – – a stall of plush body organs, t-shirts and other novelties (this is much more fabulous than it sounds!) – here are some items I couldn’t resist:


Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Overall, a hilarious weekend full of lots of eye candy, ideas and enthusiasm for all manner of nerdly (and I mean this with the utmost fondness!) pursuits. A fantastic way to spend a rotten, cold rainy weekend.

Bring on the next festival!

Sydney adventures – Centennial Park

I’m not usually one for travelling to the Eastern suburbs much. Or the Northern suburbs. Ok, let’s face it, I’m happiest in the Inner West.

But occasionally I do feel inspired to go East (I am very partial to a swim at Clovelly Beach; and a falafel wrap in Bondi Junction) and today we ended up at Centennial Park. Being the last day of Mr M’s holidays, we decided to take the dogs on a little ‘outing’ and ended up roaming around the parklands for a few hours. It was truly a delightful way to spend a few hours on a mild winter’s day!


I only had time to take a few photos of the trees – the dogs were so excited about the bountiful amounts of kids, other dogs and horses that they were nearly tearing my arms off, lol.

One hot chocolate and a damn fine brownie (possibly the most expensive in Sydney, but no matter ) eaten under the tree below makes me one happy camper!


Sydney Adventures – Bondi Beach

For the last couple of months Sydney has been enjoying a beautiful, balmy autumn of sunny days and only slightly chilly nights. As an avowed summer lover, it made me very happy to get away with only wearing a cardigan for warmth. It’s called denial – “if it’s warm like this, maybe winter will never come”.

Well, that was last week. This week winter has truly set in, with cold grey days and rain.

I’m so pleased that I enjoyed the last days of autumn with another Sydney adventure – last week it was to Bondi Beach.



My friend and I had a specific mission in mind – to go and see the amazing graffiti mural of Staffys on the Bondi Beach promenade. As a long time lover of these wonderful dogs, I was thrilled to discover on facebook that an amazing artist, Mr G. had painted a mural of 3 ‘Happy Staffys’ which promotes the work of Staffy Rescue. As soon as I found out, I knew we had to go for a visit, and we weren’t disappointed!







As you can see, Mr G did a magnificent job of capturing the joyous spirit of the Staffy! And promoting Staffy Rescue is such a worthy cause as they do such important work. If you want to find out more about Mr G, his facebook page is:  and Staffy Rescue:

While in Bondi I also had in mind another mission – a pie mission. I had heard great reviews about Bondi business Funky Pies, and their delicious vegan/vegetarian pies, so obviously, I had to pay a visit 🙂 I decided to take home some ‘Funky Chunky’ pies which I promptly devoured for dinner that night – this was a welcome alternative to a meat pie with mash – the Funky Chunky is chunks of shiitake mushrooms, with a layer of mash inside the pastry. And it went down an absolute treat!



If you are nearby and need to stock up on other vegan/ vegetarian items (I noticed they also stocked the Tofutti range and also various faux deli meats), this is the place!

Funky Pies is at: 2/144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach 2026  or




Sydney (food) Adventures – Marrickville

One of my favourite ways to entertain myself on limited funds (as I’m not working while I finish up my thesis, these are even more limited than usual) is to go on, what I like to call, a Sydney Adventure.

Basically this just involves spending time checking out various suburbs, usually involving food. This is particularly fun if you don’t ordinarily spend a lot of time there.

I must admit, I am biased when it comes to my own suburb. I love wandering around Marrickville, and could spend hours doing so. Particularly if I allow myself to stop for food and/or coffee along the way.

Today I had an even more legitimate reason for doing so, when my friend Miss A. said she was coming to Marrickville. Obviously I needed to take her to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant (anywhere, not just Marrickville – a huge call, I know!) Old Thanh Huong.

There are many reasons why this restaurant is amazing, not least of which the variety on the menu. This menu is literally one of the largest I’ve ever seen, easily running 15 pages. And it is not just Vietnamese food here, they also do a full range of Thai and Chinese dishes too. If you have ever dreamed of eating Emu or Crocodile in your favourite Asian dish, this is the place for you! On weekends it is always packed, and Friday and Saturday nights you are likely to have to wait outside for a table.

Going for lunch mid week was a rare treat, but after talking this place up, we felt up for the challenge of deciding what to order. Whenever Miss A. and I are together, we tend to order a. lot. and today was no exception:



We went with some of my personal faves including the vegetarian rice paper rolls, Vietnamese pancake, vegetable and tofu pho and veggie spring rolls. As usual, it did not disappoint and we both left groaning under the strain of our bulging bellies, and having to adjust our pants (in the best possible way!).

Follow this up with a visit to either the Hellenic Bakery or one of the nearby cafes, and you are in for one delicious, belly busting afternoon, that is relatively light on the ‘ol wallet 🙂



If you want to try the deliciousness for yourself, Old Thanh Huong is at 356 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville. Ph: 9558 0863.