Guilty Pleasures – TV – Offspring

The return of cold weather does have one plus… and that is the return of ‘guilty pleasures’ on TV such as Offspring.

Part of me wants to dislike it – Channel 10 have gone berserk on promoting the hell out of this season, and lead character Nina can be shrill and annoying, and her current on/off boyfriend Patrick too brooding and mysterious. But, I find myself hooked on it, and thus ‘guilty pleasure’.

I’m pretty sure most people got hooked during Season 1’s will they/won’t they storyline with Dr Chris … and the romantic entanglements just got more complex from there, with the cast now bigger than Ben Hur. But for now, it seems to be working out.

What I dislike about the show is (for the moment, this season pending) outweighed by what I do like. This teaser promo about Nina’s impeding birth made me laugh out loud – any character who imagines giving birth to a troll doll (amongst other random items) is one that has won me over:

The supporting cast makes the show IMHO. Deborah Mailman is fantastic as always, and her pairing with Lachy Hulme is gold – frankly, I would like to see more of these two!  I’m also enjoying the addition of an awkward Gary Macdonald as Nina’s biological dad for the last season and a bit. And the casting of Kamahl in last night’s episode as someone other that Kamahl made a welcome change, although it looks like he won’t be a regular 😦

Happily, Offspring also gives plenty in the way of Melbourne food and real estate porn, being based around the inner suburbs. It makes me very happy to see some of my favourite cafes being the backdrop for the latest crises of the extended Proudman clan.

So, Offspring, for now, 2 thumbs up – my advice, keep the surprises coming, but don’t let the multitude of characters get out of control – this might make me unpopular but – maybe time for someone to get killed off? It certainly would add to the drama, which let’s face it, who doesn’t (secretly) love?

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