Projects – Knitting WIP – a jacket for Rusty

It’s been a busy couple of weeks – finishing up my thesis draft to hand in for a (hopefully!) last read through; welcoming Rusty home and relishing the pace of his recovery; and a surprising amount of knitting. Pretty happy about the last one on the list, even though it has come at the expense of blogging.

I started making this jacket the day Rusty had his surgery and we heard it had gone well. Being a senior citizen in dog years, he gets quite cold and shivery, so this jacket is a type of ‘welcome home’ present from me. I tested the length by laying it over him last night, with quite amusing results:


He seems pretty happy with the results thus far! If all goes well it should be finished this week (I am dreading the ribbed collar and edging and have previous failed attempts at these when they are cast on and knit up separately). But it has been an otherwise easy knit – if it goes to plan I will make a matching jacket for his sister Magenta so they go walking together as twinsies! Hilarious!

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