Paralysed with fear this afternoon, my beautiful old staffy boy Rusty is at the vet, and has to stay over night. They have found a big ‘mass’ in his abdomen. Waiting for the ultrasound in the morning to reveal more. 

I just wish humans and animals could communicate at times like these! (actually, most times!) Beating myself up – could we have got to it sooner? Have we been so self absorbed we didn’t notice some small sign?

I know with all the problems in the world this might be insignificant, but he’s my furry son and I love him. 

*Fingers crossed*


11 responses to “Scared

  1. Love to you and your doggy-family! I know you’re a caring wonderful person, and I also know animals can hide their illnesses from the humans they love… try not to be too hard on yourself. X

    • Thankyou!
      Things are definitely looking up, he is coming home tomorrow! 🙂
      I will do a full update on the ordeal when my head has stopped spinning, but thanks for your kind words, much appreciated

    • Thank you! Yes, he is looking much better after surgery yesterday, we can take him home tomorrow!
      Just waiting on one more set of tests to make sure they have taken out everything problematic then he is in the clear.
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. I just recently lost my furry friend (guinea pig) so I understand the concern. How did everything turn out? Also, thanks for the subscribe to my blog.

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