Sydney Adventures – Supanova Pop culture Festival

This past weekend marked one of my favourite events of the year – Supanova!!

For those of you who haven’t attended, Supanova is Australia’s pop culture festival/expo… basically where a whole bunch of fans get together and dress up, meet guest celebrities, buy collectables and have a whole heap of fun!  I love it because it incorporates several of my obsessions – dressing up and costumes, makeup, fandom and collectables.

As in previous years, I was attending to help my wonderful friend Emma, owner of The Makeup Wardrobe

This has its perks, as she is in the business of making people look good (and paying me in makeup 🙂 Check out some of her creations this year:

'Twilight Sparkle'

‘Twilight Sparkle’

'Lady Wolverine'

‘Lady Wolverine’

'Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas'

‘Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Emma at work on 'Rainbow Dash'

Emma at work on ‘Rainbow Dash’

The big draw cards this year were David Hasselhoff and Carrie Fisher, so it was a really well attended event, the first day in particular was absolutely crazy busy! As I was a worker I didn’t go in for signings or photos, but was more than content to check out, what is IMHO the best part of the event – other people’s costumes! Here are some faves:

'Lady Joker'

‘Lady Joker’


I take my hat off to the effort put into the outfits – it is really mind blowing, and warms my heart that I am not the only one who loves dress ups!

A quick wander around the stalls on the afternoon of Day 1 also led to the discovery of ‘I Heart Guts’ – – a stall of plush body organs, t-shirts and other novelties (this is much more fabulous than it sounds!) – here are some items I couldn’t resist:


Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Ovary and Testes novelty pins!

Overall, a hilarious weekend full of lots of eye candy, ideas and enthusiasm for all manner of nerdly (and I mean this with the utmost fondness!) pursuits. A fantastic way to spend a rotten, cold rainy weekend.

Bring on the next festival!

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