Sydney adventures – Centennial Park

I’m not usually one for travelling to the Eastern suburbs much. Or the Northern suburbs. Ok, let’s face it, I’m happiest in the Inner West.

But occasionally I do feel inspired to go East (I am very partial to a swim at Clovelly Beach; and a falafel wrap in Bondi Junction) and today we ended up at Centennial Park. Being the last day of Mr M’s holidays, we decided to take the dogs on a little ‘outing’ and ended up roaming around the parklands for a few hours. It was truly a delightful way to spend a few hours on a mild winter’s day!


I only had time to take a few photos of the trees – the dogs were so excited about the bountiful amounts of kids, other dogs and horses that they were nearly tearing my arms off, lol.

One hot chocolate and a damn fine brownie (possibly the most expensive in Sydney, but no matter ) eaten under the tree below makes me one happy camper!


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